About BigR

Hello and welcome to BigRdesigns. My name is Russ and I live in Boaz, Alabama with my awesome wife & daughter. We attend Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church where I am on the media team. I do the weekly church bulletins, photos & web work for the church and I also help out in our sound room. There are 2 other guys in the sound room that I have the extreme pleasure of serving with. They are both awesome; Paw-Paw (as we call him) has been in there for close to 25 years now – he says it’s because he can’t sing and “Festus” has been in there for close to 8 years now – he’s there because we know he can’t sing. Between the 3 of us we make up the 5th part harmony of our choir; the monotone section. BTW, everyone calls me “Matt” and I have only been in the sound room for about 5 years. We have the best church choir anywhere around…. Don’t believe me? Come on out to Bethlehem. We are on Sardis Road in Sardis City, Alabama just out in the Smiths Institute Community. Here is a shot of where we are. If you come through Sardis City and put your back to town and Farmtown on Sardis Drive, we are just out on the right. You will also hear the Word of God preached! <– That last statement deserved an exclamation point :)

Bethlehem Map

Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church

Now you may be wondering where the name BigRdesigns came from. Well, you see, I spent close to 20 years as a truck driver and my CB handle was BigR. Seeing how my name is Russ and I stand close to 6′ 5″ and weigh near 375 lbs., just kinda goes without saying. I don’t drive a truck anymore. Back in 2009 I hyper-extended my right knee and tore my Quadriceps muscle off the bone and couldn’t walk for close to 4 months then BPI Media Group hired me and gave me a nice desk job and I have been there ever since.

I have been doing graphic design work on the side since about 2002 and have started doing photography work about 4 years ago but have just gotten serious about it within the last year or so.

Well, gotta get back to work (at home of course).